The First Step In Your Travel Therapy Adventure

If you’ve just graduated from college and you’re unsure of what your next steps should be, then our industry-leading New Grad program is just the thing to kickstart your travel therapy career! We take talented graduates (like you) and place them into exciting travel therapy positions, all while providing amazing support and clinical mentorship. It’s called the Travel Therapy New Grad Program.

  1. Adventure

    Where do you picture yourself after college? Our New Grad network is nationwide, meaning you can work anywhere: From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the snow to the desert — work wherever your sense of adventure takes you.

  2. Flexibility

    13-week assignments give you the flexibility to work where you want, when you want. Get a feeling for different practices and places with assignments that work within whatever schedule you choose.

  3. Pay

    There’s a reason travel therapy is so popular — free private housing, completion bonuses and tax-free living expenses on top of competitive wages makes your career choice a lucrative one.

  4. Clinical Experience

    Broaden your skill set by working in diverse communities and multiple facilities. From large hospitals in busy cities to smaller clinics in sleepy towns, you can choose your challenge and sharpen your skills.

  1. $5,000 Tuition Reimbursement

    What’s better than working in the career you love while getting paid to travel to exciting new places? Honestly, not much. But we may have found something: $5,000 in tax-free money to help defray your education costs. Just complete a set number of assignments in two years and the check is in the mail! Your recruiter will give you the details!

  2. Free Continued Education Courses

    Learning never ends, especially in the therapy world. That’s why we offer over 1000 continued education courses (with new courses added daily) for the first two years of your New Grad program, available 24/7, free. We should probably put that in bold: Free.

  3. Never Travel Alone

    Our Advanced Mentors are highly qualified and experienced travelers who are there to help you with invaluable clinical insight and all-around travel support.  Every Advanced Mentor has been right where you are, so you'll never feel alone.

Meet the Advanced Mentors

  • Seth Rohde, Physical Therapist

    Born in Rock Island, Illinois; Seth quickly ditched the Midwest for surf, sand, and sunshine as a kid growing up in Florida. Seth attended the University of Florida, where he majored in Heath Sciences. For graduate work, Seth decided against shedding his gator skin and obtained his doctorate of Physical Therapy from UF in 2013. Seth was drawn to physical therapy before College, as he had various personal experiences in outpatient rehab. As an intern, Seth was drawn to a variety of settings and wanted to continue clinical diversity as a traveler at Advanced Medical. While Seth has been exposed to a large variety of settings, the majority of his experience has been in skilled nursing and home health. Seth is a virtual renaissance man with his travel resume, as he holds licenses in FL, VA, NJ, TX, SD, and WA. Thankfully the road is not lonely, as Seth travels and explores with his girlfriend who is also a PT. When Seth is not practicing, he enjoys hiking, tennis, free diving, golf, and reading. Seth also loves learning about science and technology as he travels.

  • Mallory Apel, Occupational Therapist

    Mallory brings steady leadership and unbridled enthusiasm to her mentoring role. Growing up in Sylvania, a town in Northern Ohio that straddles the Michigan border, Mallory would stay in the Midwest for College. She earned both her undergraduate and MOT at Eastern Michigan University, a mid-sized university located in Ypsilanti. The Eastern Michigan Occupational Therapy program has a rich history (started in 1941) and believes in producing graduates with a strong sense of community. The department prioritizes the use of theory and research in clinical practice. Mallory jumped into travel therapy to meet new people and see new places. She was also attracted to the diversity of practice and felt comfortable with Advanced Medical due to the tremendous support offered new grads. An intense road tripper, Mallory loves getting outside to hike, snowboard, or soak up any activity around a lake. Shunning Ohio for the Michigan sports scene, Mallory loves the Detroit Red Wings and Tigers. Her passionate embrace of the SNF and Home Health settings has resulted in excellent evaluations. Mallory is excited to share her travel insight and clinical know-how with new Advanced Medical travelers.

  • Alyson Price, Physical Therapist

    As a Type A personality you would think Alyson is the last person to embrace and thrive as a traveling therapist. This outlook would be wrong, as Alyson loves the ability to only plan for 13 weeks at a time. Alyson grew up in Aransas Pass, TX, a small coastal town known for its beautiful harbor and large hummingbird population. Gaining a biology degree from Howard Payne University, Alyson went on to obtain her DPT from Texas Tech. Emphasizing modern technology and evidence-based practice, the Texas Tech DPT program boasts 4 clinical research laboratories. An outdoor fanatic, Alyson is obsessed with finding new cities on Pinterest to someday visit/live and check off the “top” things to do or see. Alyson came to travel therapy more informed than most, as her cousin was a traveling RN who spun great stories from her time on the road as Alyson was starting PT school. Preferring the acute setting, Alyson loves the ability to be the first line of contact for those whose lives have been turned upside down. She is licensed in Georgia and Texas but her travels do not end there. Alyson has a cousin who lives overseas that she makes time to visit after every couple assignments, leading to adventures in Japan and England. She loves traveling with Advanced Medical because of their superior dependability and loyalty. As she says: “Teamwork makes the Dream work!”

  • Courtney McClean, Physical Therapist

    Growing up in Bridgton, a small resort town in eastern Maine, Courtney went on to get her undergraduate and doctorate degree in New Haven, Connecticut at Quinnipiac University. Boasting a classically New England style campus with handsomely manicured lawns, Quinnipiac is a mid-sized liberal arts university with a strong DPT program. As someone who is “active on my feet” in her words, Courtney was drawn to the thrilling diversity of travel therapy. A lover of virtually anything outdoors, Courtney especially embraces hiking and a passion for the ocean. Her assertive nature and sharp clinical skills have made Courtney an elite traveler who is anxious to mentor young therapists. Although Courtney enjoys all settings, her dream practice would be working in Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation utilizing Hippotherapy (utilizing a horses movement to affect change in the patient). Courtney has shined in a variety of settings and scenery, with licenses in California, Arizona, Texas, and New York. Her recruiter raves about her versatility and willingness to adapt to her surroundings.

  • Jen Jennings, Physical Therapist

    An accomplished physical therapist, Jen has an infectious energy for her work and a spirited love of the outdoors that makes her a poster child for the travel experience. She grew up in the California Capitol of Sacramento, home to the renowned research facility the UC Davis Medical Center. Leaving California for the naturalistic beauty of Oregon, Jen gained her undergraduate degree at the warmly inviting Pacific University. From there it was back to the glow of California, this time to earn her DPT at Chapman University. Located amongst the palms of Irvine, Chapman can boast of having the longest running accredited physical therapy program in the country. Founded in 1928, the school has strong ties to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and is situated close to Newport Beach. Jen is an outdoor fanatic who loves hiking, running, and as befits a Californian-anything beach-related, including paddling and surfing. She currently has licenses in California and Hawaii, with a pending in Massachusetts to practice in Boston this summer. Jen was drawn to travel therapy for the diverse clinical experiences and the enormous flexibility to see new places it offered. Her preferred setting is Pediatrics, although she has enjoyed her variety of experiences in other areas settings. Jen was a language major in College and has been able to utilize Spanish in California and German in Hawaii, while also learning some Japanese along her current Hawaiian adventure.

  • Kelsey Besler, Speech-Language Pathologist

    Kelsey is a long time Advanced Medical traveler, having completed assignments in NC, FL, and TX. Her entire life, she knew she wanted to be a speech therapist, having dealt with speech impediments first hand as a child. Kelsey travels for the adventure and enjoys meeting many new people with every placement. While on the road, she has gained clinical experience as well as life experience, and plans on traveling until she finds the perfect place to settle down. There are many aspects of travel that Kelsey loves, but mostly she enjoys the rewarding experience of helping others all over the country. As a mentor, Kelsey hopes to expand her her reach by helping new grads have the best first travel experience possible. Kelsey’s sister is a new grad SLP, so Kelsey will enjoy mentoring her as well!

Seth Rohde

Mallory Apel

Alyson Price

Courtney McClean

Jen Jennings

Kelsey Besler

Learn More About Our New Grad Program

  • An amazing start to your lifelong career in exciting travel destinations.
  • Mentorship from travel therapists that have been in your shoes.
  • Free Continued Education courses to keep you on top of your game.
  • Oh yeah, and $5,000 to defray your education costs.

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