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CSM 2016 Preview

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Placement in Schools

student-getting-help5. Holidays

Working skilled nursing and other medical placements, every weekday is a work day. That includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other federal holidays. Being in the school system you are guaranteed to have these days off, which is especially nice when your family lives in a different state. You have these vacations built in so you don’t have to request it off. Two weeks off for the holidays? Yes please! (more…)

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Welcome our New Clinical Director: Melissa Jones

Melissa JonesIt is a pleasure to introduce Melissa Jones as our new Clinical Director and head of University Outreach. An experienced Advanced Medical SLP traveler, Melissa has been a tremendous ambassador for the Advanced Medical mission with exceptional performance as a therapist, mentor, and advocate. We are fortunate to bring her over to the “establishment” and let her generous personality reside in one stable zip code. Melissa will be working out of our Denver office, but her new role promises plenty of action on the road as we would be foolish to completely clip her flying wings. Melissa will be attending national conventions, while managing our new grad mentors.  She will also ensure that our clinical support continues to work for the betterment of our clients, patients, and travelers. (more…)

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RehabCare Settle False Claims Allegations for $125 Million

physical therapyAs Bob Dylan once crooned: “For the times they are a-changin”. The recent news that Rehabcare (the nation’s largest nursing home therapy provider) agreed to a $125 million settlement resulting from a DOJ lawsuit alleging Medicare fraud is yet more evidence that we are in a shifting landscape in which providers are being held to higher standards of patient care. (more…)

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Running a Marathon Made me a Better Clinician

image007Recently I was able to run my first marathon. It was the fruition of seven months of training and preparation. To say that when I crossed that finish line I felt a sense of accomplishment is an understatement. Historically I haven’t been a long distance runner. In fact, when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon I remember distinctly telling my friend that I had zero desire to run any farther than that. And yet there I was signing up for my first full marathon, less than a year after I had made that statement. To me, the marathon represented the impossible- something I said I would never do and felt I never could do. (more…)

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This Suit Simulates The Effects Of Aging 40 Years



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2015 Year in Review

It’s official. We can close the book on a wildly successful 2015. Buoyed by an improving economic climate and unexpected legislative victories, the 2015 chapter brought the healthcare profession boundless opportunity. It was a year in which the perennial (but always shattered) hopes of a permanent fix to the therapy caps finally showed some life. To the amazement of the world, Washington passed a monumental “Doc fix” bill that included close to 3 years of therapy cap relief. The bill gave the Allied industry some much-needed breathing room and a shot of optimism for greater days ahead. In addition, the ongoing infusion of patients gaining health insurance through the ACA was a prime factor in Healthcare Staffing revenues growing 17% in 2015. While the national healthcare prognosis gained steam, Advanced Medical was busy executing our aggressive expansion plans, while pioneering new mentoring and educational programs.

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CMS Announces Major Initiative For Hip And Knee Replacements

knee-replacement-rehabOver the last few years, this blog has covered the gradual evolution towards Medicare payment models built on bundled care with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Up until this point there has been a slow advance of small-scale pilot programs experimenting with various forms of incentives and penalties relating to the quality of patient care that focuses on efficiencies and partnerships. After numerous fits and starts it appears we finally have a long term program in place that does more than just tinker around the edges. CMS has just announced a mandatory bundled payment plan for hip and knee replacements for hospitals in 67 metro areas across the country. The CJR model (comprehensive care for joint replacement) will cover the costs covering the period of admission to 90 days post discharge. CMS will set financial and quality of care targets for benchmarks. Hospitals who meet these goals may be eligible for additional Medicare payments. (more…)

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What Kind Of Travel Therapist Are You? [quiz]


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SIA recognizes Advanced Medical as one of the fastest growing staffing companies

0d4cc21e533ce5989b72cd655c3893c9Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc. (SIA) has recognized Advanced Medical as one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the country. Advanced Medical is a leading provider of healthcare staffing solutions with an emphasis on the rehab therapy market. To qualify for the list, staffing firms had to post at least $1 million in revenue in 2010 and have compound annual revenue growth of at least 15% between 2010 and 2014. This year 102 companies made the list with 22% of those coming from the healthcare staffing sector. Advanced Medical placed 53rd on the list with a compound annual growth rate of 23.8% (more…)

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