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Therapy Jobs Among Best Paying Jobs For Women

A recent article on MSN Careers, 25 Best-Paying Jobs for Women, listed the top 25 best paying jobs for women. Among the list, therapy jobs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology jobs ranked highly. While the article mentions that women still earn an average of 81.6 cents for every dollar men do, women are more likely to choose work they find interesting and fulfilling over work that is lucrative. This was a 20% increase since 1979, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started keeping track of salary information by gender.

Here are the top therapy jobs that provide women the most earning potential.

  • The job of a physical therapist came in at #12 with a median weekly income of $1,216.
  • The job of occupational therapist came in at #13 with a median weekly income of $1,193.
  • The job of a speech-language pathologist came in at #22 with a median weekly income of $1,076.
Image courtesy of iluvcocacola
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