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How Much Does A Speech Pathologist Make?

Getting PaidWith over 123,000 speech therapist in the current workforce and an expected career growth of 23% by 2020 you can see why a career in speech-language pathology has been ranked as one of the best jobs in today’s job market.

The current median salary for a speech pathologist job in the United States is $69,321 (according to From a data sample of 1,830 speech pathologists, reports that a newly licensed therapist entering the job market can expect to make between $35,770 and $63,921 per year. While someone with 20 or more years can expect to make between $48,920 and $84,127. With any salary data, the salary of a speech pathologist can vary due to such variables as your specialty area, experience level, location, facility, and whether you choose a contract or permanent position.

Salary By Years of Experience

Less Than 1 year $35,770 – $63,921
1-4 Years $38,726 – $66,580
5-9 Years $40,648 – $77,406
10-19 Years $42,840 – $81,696
20 years or more $48,920 – $84,127

Source: | Updated: Sept 14, 2012| Individuals Reporting: 1,830


Salary By Setting

Education $37,250 – $68,444
Healthcare $40,952 – $79,714

Source: | Updated: Sept 14, 2012| Individuals Reporting: 1,806


Salary By Gender

Female $39,914 – $73,889
Male $36,032 – $85,008 | Updated: Sept 14, 2012| Individuals Reporting: 944


Salary By State

The average nationwide speech pathologist salary posted on Indeed was $95,000.  Average speech pathologist salaries for job postings nationwide are 37% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Highest Salary For Speech Pathologists

Mississippi $113,000 (+18%)
New York $113,000 (+18%)
Massachusetts $110,000 (+15%)
California $106,000 (+11%)
Connecticut $103,000 (+8%)
Lowest Salary For Speech Pathologists

Hawaii $70,000 (-27%)
South Dakota $76,000 (-21%)
Louisiana $77,000 (-20%)
Nebraska $78,000 (-18%)
Alaska $82,000 (-15%) | Updated: Sept 19,2012 |Average Salary of Jobs with “Speech Pathologist” Title

Image Source: orphanjones

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