The First Step In Your Travel Therapy Adventure

If you’ve just graduated from college and you’re unsure of what your next steps should be, then our industry-leading New Grad program is just the thing to kickstart your travel therapy career! We take talented graduates (like you) and place them into exciting travel therapy positions, all while providing amazing support and clinical mentorship. It’s called the Travel Therapy New Grad Program.

  1. Adventure

    Where do you picture yourself after college? Our New Grad network is nationwide, meaning you can work anywhere: From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the snow to the desert — work wherever your sense of adventure takes you.

  2. Flexibility

    13-week assignments give you the flexibility to work where you want, when you want. Get a feeling for different practices and places with assignments that work within whatever schedule you choose.

  3. Pay

    There’s a reason travel therapy is so popular — free private housing, completion bonuses and tax-free living expenses on top of competitive wages makes your career choice a lucrative one.

  4. Clinical Experience

    Broaden your skill set by working in diverse communities and multiple facilities. From large hospitals in busy cities to smaller clinics in sleepy towns, you can choose your challenge and sharpen your skills.

  1. $5,000 Tuition Reimbursement

    What’s better than working in the career you love while getting paid to travel to exciting new places? Honestly, not much. But we may have found something: $5,000 in tax-free money to help defray your education costs. Just complete a set number of assignments in two years and the check is in the mail! Your recruiter will give you the details!

  2. Free Continued Education Courses

    Learning never ends, especially in the therapy world. That’s why we offer over 1000 continued education courses (with new courses added daily) for the first two years of your New Grad program, available 24/7, free. We should probably put that in bold: Free.

  3. Never Travel Alone

    Our Advanced Mentors are highly qualified and experienced travelers who are there to help you with invaluable clinical insight and all-around travel support.  Every Advanced Mentor has been right where you are, so you'll never feel alone.

Meet the Advanced Mentors

  • Lindsey Parker, Physical Therapist

    This talented physical therapist was attracted to travel therapy immediately upon hearing about it early in her undergraduate years. Having an ability to help people get better while seeing new locations every 3 months proved irresistible for Lindsey. Raised in Salina, Kansas right in the heart of wheat country, Lindsey decided to attend the University of Kansas in Lawrence. From there, it was off to a warmer climate, as Lindsey attended the highly regarded DPT program at the University of Florida. The ability to be exposed to different facilities and different ways of approaching clinical practice held a strong appeal for her. She feels the diverse exposure and acquired knowledge of travel therapy allows her to constantly bring fresh ideas to her work. Lindsey is licensed in FL, IL, NJ, TX, VA, and SD. She has a passionate love of running with several completed marathons under her belt. Other interests include: hiking, reading, baking, and crossword puzzles. Lindsey’s excitement in mentoring can best be captured in her own words, “It was so helpful to know as a new grad travel PT that I had somebody to go to with questions about what to expect, what to do in certain situations, what to do with patients. It made me feel like I wasn’t out there on my own and I hope to give new grads that same feeling of comfort & confidence!”

  • Kayla Layner, Occupational Therapist

    Kayla grew up in the small town of Parkersburg, West Virginia before becoming a Mountaineer at West Virginia University where she received a bachelor’s degree as well as her master’s in Occupational Therapy. While at WVU, Kayla had the opportunity to work with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health completing rat-model research on muscle injury, exercise and neuromuscular diseases where she was able to present at conferences at the national level. After discussing travel with fellow mentor Aliza Krug, she was eager to expand her therapy toolbox through experiencing a variety of settings, diagnoses, and groups of people all while exposing herself to new areas of the country. Kayla is licensed in WV, VA, and NC with experience in SNF, ALF, Acute, and LTC. She is a passionate OT who loves to share her experiences with others and hopes to be a positive resource to fellow new grad travelers!

  • Seth Rohde, Physical Therapist

    Born in Rock Island, Illinois; Seth quickly ditched the Midwest for surf, sand, and sunshine as a kid growing up in Florida. Seth attended the University of Florida, where he majored in Heath Sciences. For graduate work, Seth decided against shedding his gator skin and obtained his doctorate of Physical Therapy from UF in 2013. Seth was drawn to physical therapy before College, as he had various personal experiences in outpatient rehab. As an intern, Seth was drawn to a variety of settings and wanted to continue clinical diversity as a traveler at Advanced Medical. While Seth has been exposed to a large variety of settings, the majority of his experience has been in skilled nursing and home health. Seth is a virtual renaissance man with his travel resume, as he holds licenses in FL, VA, NJ, TX, SD, and WA. Thankfully the road is not lonely, as Seth travels and explores with his girlfriend who is also a PT. When Seth is not practicing, he enjoys hiking, tennis, free diving, golf, and reading. Seth also loves learning about science and technology as he travels.

  • Jen Jennings, Physical Therapist

    An accomplished physical therapist, Jen has an infectious energy for her work and a spirited love of the outdoors that makes her a poster child for the travel experience. She grew up in the California Capitol of Sacramento, home to the renowned research facility the UC Davis Medical Center. Leaving California for the naturalistic beauty of Oregon, Jen gained her undergraduate degree at the warmly inviting Pacific University. From there it was back to the glow of California, this time to earn her DPT at Chapman University. Located amongst the palms of Irvine, Chapman can boast of having the longest running accredited physical therapy program in the country. Founded in 1928, the school has strong ties to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and is situated close to Newport Beach. Jen is an outdoor fanatic who loves hiking, running, and as befits a Californian-anything beach-related, including paddling and surfing. She currently has licenses in California and Hawaii, with a pending in Massachusetts to practice in Boston this summer. Jen was drawn to travel therapy for the diverse clinical experiences and the enormous flexibility to see new places it offered. Her preferred setting is Pediatrics, although she has enjoyed her variety of experiences in other areas settings. Jen was a language major in College and has been able to utilize Spanish in California and German in Hawaii, while also learning some Japanese along her current Hawaiian adventure.

  • Neil Patel, Physical Therapist

    Neil was born in New Jersey and moved to Haines City, FL when he was young. A proud Gator, Neil earned a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and an M.S. in Clinical Physiology from the University of Florida. From there, it was off to Boston to attend the prestigious MGH Institute of Health Professions, where Neil was able to sharpen his abilities in an Inpatient Neurological setting. Neil combined his love of travel with a desire to be closer to his family by focusing his travel therapy efforts in the tri-state area (NY,NJ, and PA). Neil currently lives in Philadelphia and has PT licenses in MA, NJ, NY, and PA. His high evaluations, clinical diversity, and desire to help new grad therapists make him an ideal fit for the Advanced Medical Mentoring Team. When Neil is not practicing, you can find him cheering on his beloved Florida Gators, reading, attending live concerts, and always finding time for his friends and family.

  • Leanne Kieras, Occupational Therapist

    Originally from Western MA, Leanne has hit the road since graduation, working in NC, WA, and CO. After a short stint in SNFs, Leanne realized peds is the only way to go for her bubbly personality. Working in school systems, Leanne embraces the benefits of working in a community and forming relationships with her co-workers. Not a day is the same working with special needs, and Leanne loves the creativity involved in meeting the needs of every unique student. Leanne loves traveling to new areas for the whole school year so she can experience the beauty of all seasons nature has to offer. For Leanne, travel school contracts means more access to National Parks on spring vacation! She is looking forward to sharing her experience and wisdom with like minded school based OTs!


Lindsey Parker

Kayla Layner

Seth Rohde

Jen Jennings

Neil Patel

Leanne Kieras

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  • An amazing start to your lifelong career in exciting travel destinations.
  • Mentorship from travel therapists that have been in your shoes.
  • Free Continued Education courses to keep you on top of your game.
  • Oh yeah, and $5,000 to defray your education costs.

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