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“Powerback” Model Gaining Momentum

With uncertainty enveloping much of the healthcare world, organizations are scrambling to make adjustments to remain viable and relevant.  With Medicare being at the forefront of this storm, it is no surprise that skilled nursing facilities are facing enormous pressures to innovate care models and streamline operations.  Finding ways to improve services and patient care in the midst of budget cuts and increased regulation is THE question facing skilled nursing facilities.  

Recently I was directed to an article ( that talks of a new approach involving diversifying into short term needs and moving away from grouping all levels of patients together.  Certainly it helps that Genesis is a  large and diverse organization that has the resources to experiment, however the model has real merit and intuitively makes a good deal of sense.  Many feel that CMS is headed towards putting a premium on reimbursing for individual patient needs and steering away from the broader focus on what a facility offers.

The new model from Genesis is dubbed “Powerback”, and involves enhanced levels of treatment for short term stays and increased educational efforts aimed at patients for adapting to life after release.  In addition, the model allows for new modernized facilities aimed at providing comfort, technology, and a better quality of life within those walls. The amenities range from the clinical, such as hydrotherapy pools, to the aesthetic, with more family areas, cafes, and spa-like services.

Currently Genesis has 1 Powerback facility up and running in Baltimore, and have 3 others in motion in Pennsylvania.   Many patients want a variety of services and while they may need to have an extended stay, it doesn’t mean they want to be in close proximity to long-term care patients.  Another benefit of this model is as hospitals become more focused on readmission rates the enhanced care approach will pay dividends.  Genesis is already looking at some partnerships that allow them to share in the savings as readmission rates decline.  We applaud the proactive approach of Genesis and look forward to putting our therapists in action with the “Powerback” model.

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