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Employee Spotlight: Jessi Showers

JessiRelentlessly sunny and cheerful, Employment Experience Manager, Jessi Showers, is taking internal company chemistry to new heights. Originally starting out as a recruiter, this multi-talented dynamo has put a giant stamp on Advanced Medical in a variety of areas. Jessi is in serious need of a bigger hat rack with all the roles she occupies within the halls of Advanced Medical. From interviewing our incoming recruiters and assisting in employee training, to on-boarding new employees and writing our company newsletters, Jessi excels at creating a positive environment for our team. Advanced Medical has always had a vibrant and unorthodox company culture but as we have grown it has taken someone like Jessi to harness and channel this beautiful energy. A true “brand ambassador”, her knack for bringing the fascinating character and core values of Advanced Medical to the forefront has been a joy to watch. (more…)

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Congratulations To Our New CO Director of Sales: Alex Massa!

True Leadership (more…)

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New Travel Mentor: Jen Jennings

Jen JenningsStrike up the band and welcome Jen Jennings into our prestigious circle of new grad mentors. An accomplished physical therapist, Jen has an infectious energy for her work and a spirited love of the outdoors that makes her a poster child for the travel experience. She grew up in the California Capitol of Sacramento, home to the renowned research facility the UC Davis Medical Center. Leaving California for the naturalistic beauty of Oregon, Jen gained her undergraduate degree at the warmly inviting Pacific University. From there it was back to the glow of California, this time to earn her DPT at Chapman University. Located amongst the palms of Irvine, Chapman can boast of having the longest running accredited physical therapy program in the country. (more…)

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10 Ways To Celebrate OT Month

The following post comes courtesy of our amazing OT Travel Mentor: Kayla Layner. You can keep in touch with Kayla through her blog

Hey Girl

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Occupational Therapy Month

OT Month (more…)

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New Travel Mentor: Courtney McClean

CourtneyFresh off our induction of OT Madison Carrico, the Advanced Medical Mentoring Team continues to grow its all-star cast. This week we warmly welcome PT Courtney McClean to our lineup of talented new grad mentors. Growing up in Bridgton, a small resort town in eastern Maine, Courtney went on to get her undergraduate and doctorate degree in New Haven, Connecticut at Quinnipiac University. Boasting a classically New England style campus with handsomely manicured lawns, Quinnipiac is a mid-sized liberal arts university with a strong DPT program. As someone who is in her words, “active on my feet”, Courtney was drawn to the thrilling diversity of travel therapy. (more…)

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New Travel Mentor: Madison Carrico

Madison CarricoAs we eagerly wave goodbye to the bonanza of blizzards and warmly embrace the seeds of spring, attention turns to another talented inductee into our prestigious roster of New Grad Mentors. Madison Carrico has proven to be a talented and versatile OT traveler with a strong desire to help others. Growing up in the charmingly named Western Kentucky town of Fancy Farm, Madison embraces a number of passions associated with the bluegrass state. An avid horseback rider and Kentucky Wildcat fanatic, Madison graduated from Spalding University located in downtown Louisville, Ky. She stayed on to earn her MSOT at the well-regarded program, one of only 2 MSOT programs in the state. (more…)

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The Best Way to Drive Across the U.S. Hitting All Major Landmarks

Credit: Randall Olson - Google Maps

Credit: Randall Olson – Google Maps


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Featured Traveler: Dawn P!

Dawn at WorkAs we power through the last few weeks of winter, let’s take a moment to get to know another one of our amazing travelers. The Featured Traveler for March is the awesome and dedicated SLP, Alison “Dawn” P! We appreciate all the work that you do and the time that you commit to being a traveling therapist as your professionalism and skill-set continuously raises the bar! Her recruiter only had the best of things to say: (more…)

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PT Pub Night

16301_10152605116960143_7892849453212690328_nAs part of last months CSM conference in Indianapolis, Advanced Medical had the privilege to sponsor PT Pub Night, a social gathering with a bevy of thirsty therapists, students, and educators. With a few of our trusted recruiters in attendance, we were able to take part in this interactive event sweeping the country one pint at a time. The brainchild of Vantage Clinical Solutions, a business and marketing firm located in Bend,Oregon, PT Pub Night was launched in 2013 with a mission to enhance productive interaction and professional development within the pt profession. The firm provides promotional services and event development guidance for hundred of pt communities looking to bring a creative component to their membership gatherings. Since its inception, the theme has taken off with over 500 events in 40 states. (more…)

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