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CMS Establishes Home Health Ratings

home-healthIn this day and age, everybody’s a critic. With sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and the movie site Rotten Tomatoes, there is virtually an unlimited serving of critical commentary…often served with a side of stupid. Now the CMS (Center for Medicare Services) – after developing rankings for nursing homes and hospitals – is extending its 5 Star Rating System to Home Health Agencies. This development has been long overdue as the baby boomers age with relentless speed. In addition, continuing regulations and coverage standards can create confusion for those wanting to make informed decisions on long term care. While knowing the quality of croutons in a Caesar salad and deciding what flick to stream on a weekend Netflix binge is of critical importance to us as Americans (I especially have a weakness for Rotten Tomatoes), these CMS ratings register at a vastly different level of importance. (more…)

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Featured Traveler: Callie N

The following post is written by our recruiter, Amy Barnes! Amy nominated Callie as the Featured Traveler for July and we’re thrilled to share what she’s written. Enjoy!

CallieCallie has been with Advanced Medical since May 2013, and has been working hard since! She is currently breaking records as my longest running Florida PTA on contract now for 7 months, now extending for 3 more! She decided on a career in therapy as she was always interested in the medical field and helping people in some way. After having an ankle injury in high school that hindered her dance abilities, she turned to therapy to help gain her strength back. She had the opportunity in high school as part of a class to observe in a hospital and outpatient clinic and it was clear to her that therapy was what she wanted as her career. (more…)

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New Travel Mentor: Ly Pham

Ly PhamNow in it’s 6th year, the Advanced Medical New Grad Program continues to set the standard of which all others are judged. The key component in its success remains our extraordinary mentoring team. The new grad traveling mentors give savvy clinical advice, emotional support, and travel tips that enable our new graduates to not only adapt but thrive in diverse clinical settings. We are proud to announce the newest member of our team: PT Ly Pham. Ly has been an exceptional therapist in all areas. She loves traveling with Advanced Medical due to the incredible resources available that make her a better clinician and her awesome recruiter (Codey Thalacker) who she describes as the “most patient person on earth”.  Ly also praises the flexibility that Advanced Medical offers, stating,  “I like traveling for Advanced Medical because of the flexibility of job options which allows me to be where I want to be, when I want to be there.” Please jump below for more information on our dynamic new member. (more…)

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5 Summer Cities to Beat the Heat

5 summer cities

As a travel therapy company we are used to a high percentage of our northern travelers looking to head south for the winter. Just like those retired snowbirds invading the plentiful Texas/Florida RV parks, our therapists seek warmer locales when old man winter comes calling. Conversely, it is now mid-July and a raging inferno has been blanketing the southeast for weeks. Suddenly, these glorious sunray locales aren’t so marvelous. We thought it would be fun to look at some cities that thrive in the summertime and allow you to “Beat the Heat”. We invite you to jump down and cool off with our top 5 summer cities. (more…)

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The Hammer Says Goodbye

In my professional career I found an incredible smorgasbord of bosses, co-workers, business models, marketing and sales strategies, etc., etc., etc. (good, bad, great and mediocre) and I probably “gouged myself”  or at least was never undernourished and therefore found a career most satisfying and one that will always bring fond memories; and finally the privilege of working with a  an incredible “Family” called Advanced Medical that truly embodied what a group of wonderful people trusting in each other can accomplish – Royal Lantz


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Positive Breeds Positive

The ability to remain positive in travel therapy is almost as important as stellar phone interview skills, an excellent resume, or great references. Kayla, a loyal Advanced Medical traveler and OT new grad mentor, outlines the importance of “keeping the faith” in her recent blog post. As with any contract, there are always cancellation clauses written in to protect both the traveler and client from being without work or coverage at a moment’s notice. Kayla shares her most recent experience with her contract cancellation. Positive breeds positive, and Kayla remained positive that Advanced Medical would turn her situation around, ultimately resulting in an amazing outcome.   (more…)

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Featured Traveler: Rob!

The following post is written by our recruiter, Amy Barnes! Amy nominated Rob as the Featured Traveler for June and we’re thrilled to share what she wrote. Enjoy! 

Rob and his wifeRob is a long time Advanced Medical traveler, and has been with me for 3 years now. He is known as “Mr. Maine” as clients all over the state know and love Rob. My favorite part of working with Rob is his positive attitude. For Friday check in, he either answers his phone with this phrase or I try to beat him to the punch, but every Friday, “it’s a great day to be Rob Scully!” I look forward to that call every week, and even after 3 years it never gets old. (more…)

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The ADA Legacy Project

ada25This July marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as I learned in a recent article appearing in OT Practice Magazine. The story was written by Andrew Wait and discussed the impressive ADA Legacy Bus Tour that is traveling the country bringing attention to the milestone and its ongoing impact promoting equal opportunity for those with disabilities. The large campaign style bus has a decidedly political feel, with a large draped flag and the “Road to Freedom” emblazoned across the side. The bus was brought to the latest AOTA convention through the work of OT’s Robin Jones and Sandy Hanebrink. Parked outside the AOTA convention hall in Nashville, the bus contained historical documents, photographs, and a detailed account of the struggle involved in getting the law passed. (more…)

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Aphasia Awareness Month [infographic]

learn_about_aphasiaJune is aphasia awareness month, so we’re spreading the word and sharing some helpful infographics. Aphasia is a language disorder that affects ability to read or write and the comprehension or production of speech. Aphasia is always caused by some kind of brain injury, usually from a stroke in older individuals. Aphasia may also result from brain tumors, infections, or head trauma. Aphasia can often times be frustrating and even isolating, so it is important to bring awareness and help others better understand this disorder. (more…)

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APTA NEXT & PT Day on Capital Hill Recap

20150603_175132000_iOSLast week, over 1100 physical therapy professionals descended on Washington, DC to rally critical support for multiple causes. The annual Capital Hill Day event was held in conjunction with the NEXT conference, a gathering of therapists, students, and exhibitors that featured hours of educational programming, social events, and industry exhibits. Advanced Medical was proud to be a part of this doubleheader event and thanks the many visitors who graced our booth. The NEXT conference was held at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland. The resort-style facility sports a patriotic motif and boasts panoramic views of the Potomac River from its atrium style layout. The convention hall and meeting rooms were comfortably spacious, contributing to an elegant conference experience. (more…)

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