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ASHA Week: Best Restaurants in Orlando

todd-english-bluezoo-gallery02 (more…)

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ASHA Week: Magic Kingdom Tips


This week, thousands of speech professionals will journey to Orlando, Florida for the ASHA convention. As someone who grew up in the land of the mouse, let me tell you that a trip to Orlando without encountering the D (Disney) word is an impossible task. It’s a city where all of its buildings exist in an imperceptible state, unable to escape the real city hall…a castle. In fact, the city is nicknamed the “magic” city and its one pro sports franchise follows suit with the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Ever since Walt Disney bought up acres and acres of Central Florida swampland in the mid 60’s, Orlando has become a titanic (Disney)world destination. The park is pretty much the same with one big exception. (more…)

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New Grad PT Mentor: Lindsey Parker

LindseyAs we head into our stretch run and wrap up a lively and productive 2014, our New Grad Program continues to flourish. With more new grads opting to travel, our accomplished roster of seasoned mentors has done the consummate job giving insight and support to our rookie therapists. Today, we are proud to announce another stellar addition to our team. Please welcome our newest Physical Therapy mentor: Lindsey Parker.  Please jump ahead for a closer look at this outstanding therapist. (more…)

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Featured Traveler: Marissa!


Congratulations to Marissa M, you’re our Featured Traveler for November! Marissa is an amazing SLP and we couldn’t think of a better person to describe her than her recruiter: (more…)

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University Showcase: Elon

Ryan at Elon UA few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of visiting Elon University located in central North Carolina. This regional liberal arts college was always considered a “hidden gem” with a picturesque campus, inviting student culture, and relatively affordable price tag. The Princeton Review and NY Times have both awarded Elon the title of “most beautiful campus” in past rankings. In 2001, the sleepy and charming Elon College was transformed into a University, as the secret was out and national attention poured in. Lest it sound like I am being a little effusive in my praise it is due to an inescapable bias: I am a proud graduate of Elon class of 1994. Now that I am done with my nostalgic rant lets focus on the purpose of my visit. (more…)

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November Events Preview


As we finish off the last of our Halloween morsels -pretty much down to smarties and candy corn in this household – let’s dive into the month of November and see what’s cooking. Ushering in the holiday season and the spirit of giving, November also brings a focus to some weighty topics with World Diabetes Day and Lung Cancer Awareness Month both taking place. Along those same lines is National Family Caregivers month that falls in November. This celebrates over 90 million individuals who heroically care for their loved ones in need each year. It’s also Sweet Potato Month so get on up and celebrate that perennially underrated Thanksgiving staple. Forge ahead for some therapy-centric happenings. (more…)

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Travel Talk: So you do Therapy…With Hippos?!

Hippo CrossingToday we have a guest post by our SLP Travel Mentor, Melissa Jones. You can read more about Melissa through her awesome blog: Keeping Up With The Joneses. If you’re interested in getting to know our other travel mentors, check them out here.

“So you do therapy…with hippos?!” (more…)

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From the Mouth of One of Our Travelers

 Sharon CampingMaybe we’ve mentioned it before, but we absolutely love our travelers! They are excellent therapists that, other than express a love for travel, are incredibly passionate in their field. Our recruiters work so closely with them that more often that not, they develop great friendships. Which is why we are so thrilled when our therapists express how happy they are with their assignments. Case in point, this letter we received from our Featured Traveler, Sharon. So without further ado, please enjoy this lovely letter. (more…)

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PTA Program Spotlight

physical therapyIn this space we often shine a light on the excellence being practiced daily by Advanced Medical travel therapists and the dynamic universities that educate them. Our popular University Showcase feature brings an up close look at national DPT programs and our Travel Talk section gives an authoritative voice on the important clinical issues of the day. Regrettably, one segment of our team that often goes overlooked is the vital work being done by the physical therapy assistants and the educational programs that produce them. Physical therapy assistants are an essential component of the PT profession and their influence continues to grow with increased demand and industry modernization. (more…)

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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Lyons

jen-lyons-cropShort, brown, and savory aren’t three words you normally use to describe something, but in this case it works perfectly. In fact, Short, Brown, and Savory is the distinctive title of a colorful food and wine blog (with a lot of BBQ and craft beer thrown in for good measure) written by our Colorado Sales Director Jen Lyons. The short and brown signifies Jen, with her Hispanic heritage and shorter stature, while the savory is a stand-in for her husband Matt, who possesses a discerning palate and sharp culinary acumen. Despite the high praise for her husband, it is obvious that Jen is no slouch in the chef department. (more…)

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