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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Lyons

jen-lyons-cropShort, brown, and savory aren’t three words you normally use to describe something, but in this case it works perfectly. In fact, Short, Brown, and Savory is the distinctive title of a colorful food and wine blog (with a lot of BBQ and craft beer thrown in for good measure) written by our Colorado Sales Director Jen Lyons. The short and brown signifies Jen, with her Hispanic heritage and shorter stature, while the savory is a stand-in for her husband Matt, who possesses a discerning palate and sharp culinary acumen. Despite the high praise for her husband, it is obvious that Jen is no slouch in the chef department. (more…)

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National Physical Therapy Month

NPTM2014 (more…)

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Traveler Q&A: Jenna and Nick

Jenna and NickOctober is National Physical Therapy Month, a 31 day long tribute to the transformative power of movement and how physical therapists are shaping the profession. In celebration, Advanced Medical will be highlighting PT travelers who exhibit exemplary clinical skills and a passion for life as a “true traveler”. The APTA tagline for National Physical Therapy month is Move Forward; a motto being lived with vibrant enthusiasm by Jenna and Nick Graeve. Jenna and Nick are a traveling couple that have documented their Advanced Medical adventures on their very own blog; Rehab and Roadtrips. Jenna and Nick both attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for graduate school and were working together in Omaha when life on the road called. With visions of seeing the country while paying back student loans, the pair took to the road and documented their travels for family and friends back home. Please read on for our Q&A with this dynamic duo. (more…)

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Advanced Medical Surpasses 400 Traveler Mark


Last week, Advanced Medical, a national provider of travel therapy services, accomplished its mission of employing over 400 medical professionals across the country. These traveling professionals work for Advanced Medical in a variety of medical settings and often supplement understaffed rural and urban communities. The Advanced Medical milestone statement, entitled “400 Smiles Strong” was set over 7 years ago. Since then, the company has undertaken aggressive expansion plans on both coasts, as well as, investments in school and government contracting. The goal was also achieved with the help of Advanced Surgical, the company’s burgeoning O.R. nursing division.

Jennifer Fuicelli, CEO of Advanced Medical stated, “This has been an incredible ride. Our team achieved this goal with a commitment to innovation, positive internal chemistry, and most importantly, delivering a high degree of happiness to our travelers. I have no doubt that our next benchmark of “700 Smiles Strong” is right around the corner.”

In 2010, Advanced Medical earned certification for the Gold Seal of Approval awarded by The Joint Commission. The honor demonstrates compliance with a national set of consensus-based standards. The company has made technology a hallmark of its growth plan, with the continual deployment of interactive software projects that support sales initiatives, aggressive online marketing efforts, and the building of an industry leading ATS.  Another factor in the company’s growth stemmed from the development of a New Graduate Program that included tuition reward, free continuing education credits, and an ongoing mentorship component. Advanced Medical also takes part in multiple legislative initiatives, charitable endeavors, and sponsors select DPT and OTR university programs.

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Featured Traveler: Sharon S!

Sharon Sommerfeld 1It’s time to show off one of our amazing rock star travelers! Sharon S is an amazing COTA and we’re thrilled to have her as this month’s Featured Traveler! Here’s what her recruiter had to say,

“Sharon is a COTA who has worked with Advanced Medical for 2 years. She enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and anything outdoors. She has been so amazing and inspiring to me personally. Sharon consistently has clients asking her to come back for another assignment or even go perm because she is very passionate about the work she does, she is also very passionate about her dreams and goals. I am so thankful to have her on my team!” (more…)

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October Preview

oktoberfest logoAh October…how we love you: crisp weather, playoff baseball, Halloween, and can you believe it’s also national pizza month! Seriously, what other month has an entire festival with its name in the title and also features a heavy dose of beer drinking. October is also Physical Therapy Month, so stay tuned for special blog features and guest posts from some of our finest PT travelers. The APTA will be also be highlighting the profession all month with special events and timely information, so be sure to visit them early and often. Advanced Medical also has a big Fall (or is it Autumn?) season planned on the road. Keep reading for an ale drenched taste of October: (more…)

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New Grad Mentor: Seth Rohde

Advanced Medical would like to extend a warm welcome to PT Seth Rohde. Seth is the latest addition to our New Grad mentoring team that provides clinical guidance and support to our young therapists. Born in Rock Island, Illinois; Seth quickly ditched the Midwest for surf, sand, and sunshine as a kid growing up in Florida. Seth attended the University of Florida, where he majored in Heath Sciences. For graduate work, Seth decided against shedding his gator skin and obtained his doctorate of Physical Therapy from UF in 2013. (more…)

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400 Smiles Strong

For baseball fans, the number 400 takes on an almost mythical stature. Batting 400.00 is a standard of excellence that may never be seen again (Ted Williams in 1941 was last to achieve). Perhaps Advanced Medical hitting 400 travelers is not in that same league, but we think its pretty special. (more…)

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National Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Today is not only the first day of Fall but also the 7th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day. The day, which is sponsored by the National Council on Aging (NCOA), was first observed in 2008 and has seen great growth in participation from 11 states to last year’s 47. While we have written about fall prevention before, it is still important to bring awareness to Fall Prevention Day. (more…)

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Backpack Awareness Day (Giveaway)


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