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Featured Traveler: Kirsten!

kirsten-croppedWe’re starting 2015 right by featuring another one of our rock star therapists; Kirsten! Kirsten has been a traveler with Advanced Medical for over 2 years now, having completed over 12 consecutive assignments. Consistently asked to extend and often personally requested by previous clients, she has truly made a name for herself in the travel therapy world. She is hardworking, patient oriented and loves to explore! Licensed in 5 states, she is accustomed to moving around, often with just a moments notice, and is more interested in a job than the location which has enabled her to truly fit the title of “travel therapist” and make the most out of this experience thus far. (more…)

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Telemedicine Explodes

Telemedicine is the practice of using medical devices and technology to remotely monitor and in some cases treat patients. A number of studies have predicted growth in excess of 50% over the next 5 years for this efficient practice still in its virtual infancy. The advent of electronic health records coupled with new efficiencies mandated by the ACA have created enormous momentum for telemedicine. Also aiding the growth is faster internet speeds and advanced medical software. Routine medical issues can now be performed for multiple patients at once, allowing doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals to spend more time on complex treatments and critical care measures. Telemedicine is also improving access to rural and isolated communities, who are now able to achieve functionality with the technology required. As Medicare and Medicaid move away from reimbursing for consultations, telemedicine can help medical professionals improve their bottom line by increasing the number of patients that can be brought into the fold. (more…)

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2015 Legislative Preview

Washington State Capitol Legislative2014 saw a year of stabilization in the therapy industry as well as the larger healthcare community. It was a year that saw the ACA smooth out some of its implementation problems while expanding care for new populations.We also benefited from the distancing of the sequester budget battles- and more specifically – significant provider cuts that had the industry reeling a short time ago. The 2015 outlook is bright indeed. (more…)

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Acing The Interview: Tips From A Travel Therapist

Acing The Interview (more…)

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Featured Traveler: Andrea Yeldell

andreaOTFirst of all, we hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season! This months featured traveler is one of our OT travel mentors, Andrea Yeldell! This isn’t Andrea’s first time on our blog, as we previously featured her when she joined our prestigious group of mentors for our New Grad Program. Check out what her recruiter had to say!  (more…)

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Gift Guide for Travel Therapists

With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas just around the corner, we decided to share some awesome gift ideas for the travel therapist in your life. Whether you’re buying something for yourself (shh, we won’t tell), a loved one, or even a coworker that’s been thinking of taking a travel assignment; look no further cause we’ve rounded up 6 amazing gifts. We’ve got gifts that are perfect for techies, memory makers, foodies, and everything in between!   (more…)

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ASHA 2014 Recap

2014_Convention_400Last month, Advanced Medical and Advanced Schools was fortunate to sponsor and exhibit at the national ASHA convention in the land of eternal distraction: Orlando, Florida. With over 12,000 attendees representing all segments of the profession, the show was jam-packed with educational programming, industry networking, and inspirational speakers. The Advanced Medical booth had 2 special guests in tow, as speech mentors Kelsey Besler and Melissa Jones educated students on traveling speech therapy and their experiences in multiple settings. Melissa came in from California while Kelsey traveled in from North Carolina. (more…)

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OT Mentor: Kayla Layner

KaylaPlease welcome Kayla Layner to our distinguished lineup of new grad mentors. Kayla is the latest Advanced Medical therapist to give their time and insight to our young travelers in need of support. Kayla combines a comprehensive skill set with a propensity to try new things. (more…)

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8 Inspiring Quotes for Travel Therapists

Ready your Pinterest boards. These quotes are not only inspiring, but will also bring a smile to your face. If you need a reminder of why you became a travel therapist or simply want to share the amazing lifestyle with your coworkers, these quotes will get the job done. Happy Friday, and travel on!

1. “Learn to travel. Travel to learn.”  -Robin Esrock

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Travel Talk: The Value of Teamwork

kayla laynerIn our latest edition of Travel Talk, we’re sharing a post from one of our OT travelers, Kayla Layner’s blog, See Ya, Layner. She talks about teamwork and the importance of having a supportive recruiter. Enjoy and be sure to check out Kayla’s blog to keep up with her adventures as a travel occupational therapist!  (more…)

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