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Buccaneer Bound

The light at the end of your tunnel, it’s just a freight train coming your way.  - Metallica, No Leaf Clover

There have been no shortage of high school running backs and quarterbacks who have met the freight train that is #31 Logan Smith. A 4 year starter at Flagler Palm Coast High School, Logan recently accepted a full scholarship to bring his high energy style to Charleston Southern University.  Continue Reading

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APTA Federal Advocacy Forum 2014

This week, hundreds of therapists gathered in Washington D.C. for a 3 day forum to bring awareness, appreciation, and analysis regarding critical issues facing the therapy profession. The conference featured an array of diverse speakers including : Crossfire host and former campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, Democratic Representative Jackie Spier, and Congressional Foundation member Brad Fitch. Continue Reading

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AOTA 2014 Recap

This post comes courtesy of recruiter Amy Barnes who attended AOTA in Baltimore.  

We kicked off Occupational Therapy & Autism Awareness month at the 94th Annual AOTA Conference and Expo in Baltimore, MD.  The event was a major success and we look forward to bringing on many new members to the Advanced Medical Family in 2014 and beyond.  In addition to our new grad recruiting team, we had one of our very own OT Travel Mentors at our booth to give future OT travelers the inside scoop from someone out there in the travel world.  Continue Reading

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Occupational Therapy Month Giveaway!

April is Occupational Therapy Month! That means we’re bringing awareness to all the OTs and OTAs that work to help people of any age and circumstance live life to the fullest. Occupational therapists are a part of such an important profession, vital in improving quality of life, that in honor of OT month we’re giving away a FitBit Flex! Best of all, there will be 2 winners and multiple ways to enter! Good luck! Continue Reading

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OT Month Magic

Fresh off the momentum of a 12 month caps exceptions process extension in Congress (which I will address in a subsequent post) we dive into the romanticism of April. Pick your cliche, whether it be opening day Baseball, blossoming azaleas, spring break antics, big bunnies, or most importantly for us here at Advanced Medical: Occupational Therapy Appreciation Month. Continue Reading

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Bayshore Triathlon and Beyond

It’s no secret that physical therapists tend to be athletically inclined as they use various fitness motivations to heal and inspire their patients. Physical therapists are trained to understand the possibilities and limitations of the human body and practice accordingly in a plethora of settings, including sports rehabilitation. Jeff B. is one Advanced Medical traveler pushing personal fitness goals to incredible heights. Continue Reading

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University Showcase: Marquette

As we slowly begin to pull away from the brutal blizzard bonanza of the past few months and head into our spring campus outreach efforts, I thought it would only be fitting to kick start our university showcase with Marquette DPT. Continue Reading

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The Digitalization of Healthcare

Are robot doctors in your future? That’s the enticing (or ominous depending on your feelings on robots) question that comes to mind after reading this infographic. The tip comes courtesy of a long time reader of this blog, and since we have featured a number of posts on technology, including the rapidly changing face of prosthetics, I thought this would be fun for everyone to check out. The link comes courtesy of  Continue Reading

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Featured Traveler: Kelsey B.

It’s that time of the month again, time to feature one of our awesome travelers! The featured traveler for the month of February is…Kelsey B! No one can better describe Kelsey than her recruiter, Amy.

Continue Reading

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What Is Your Purpose? [Travel Talk]

In this edition of Travel Talk, our SLP mentor Melissa Jones talks about purpose, leadership, and truly serving your patients. You can read more about Melissa through her awesome blog: Keeping Up With The Joneses. If you’re interested in getting to know our other travel mentors, check them out here. Enjoy! Continue Reading

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